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Mobile: +44 (0) 7803 833 949

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  • Serving the fashion industry for three generations.

  • A UK leader in furs of high fashion.

  • Providing solutions to all of your needs in the fur industry.

  • Traditional techniques and methods to restore, re-model, repair and manufacture.

  • Supporting your needs where-ever you are located in the UK or the wider world.


Sean O’Neill


Neilsons furs founder Michael Charles O’Neill learnt the craft of furrier in 1939 after securing a job at the prestigious Mark Smith Furriers, Wicklow Street, central Dublin. Seventeen years later in 1956 Michael moved to England and secured a position as a furrier at the Canadian Fur Company, based at that time in central Birmingham.


In 1970 Charles took advantage of Canadian Fur’s decision to close the Birmingham office by taking over the premises and founding Neilsons Furs with his son Sean. For many years Neilsons expanded and operated from its central Birmingham base in Needless Alley. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s Neilsons was the chosen furrier for the major department stores in the West Midlands and parts of Wales (Sefton Marks, Rackhams, Beatties, Edelsons Furs). The business established a national footprint, delivering furs of quality and style in remodels, repairs and new fur sales - services which remain the backbone of the business today.

The Early 1990’s saw a change of fortune for the fur trade in the UK and Neilsons was not immune to this shift. Trade dropped throughout the country as fashions and attitudes shifted and extremist behaviour intimidated the fashion industry. Neilsons vacated its central Birmingham base and has since operated on a smaller scale.

Currently consumers are re-discovering the beauty, durability and sustainability of fur anew and the trade is resurgent. The traditional skills and values of the furrier learnt by Micheal Charles O’Neill in 1939 still remain embedded in the modern day Neilsons Furs as the next generation looks forward to meeting the needs of customers both old and new.

Email:          Phone: +44 (0) 121 553 5994          Mobile: +44 (0) 7803 833 949

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